A Zen Cup, all you need to keep your intimate area fresh and clean.


A Zen Cup aims to help women dealing with their periods and intimate hygiene in a comfortable and ecological way. We provide you with all you can need to clean and protect your intimate area throughout all the month and throughout any activities.


A Zen Cup is the favourite cup of active women, yoga addicted and pole dancers.

A Zen Cup


Because at A Zen Cup, we care about every women,  we want every single one to know what are her options in term of feminine hygiene and protection.


Here we aim to be transparent about what we offer.








A Zen Cup (provided by Fleurcup) is a hypoallergenic menstrual cup made 100% out of medical silicone, without phthalates, without bisphenol A, without latex and without perfume. Even the colours used are from the medical sector. 


Manufactured in France following high standars, we offer you 2 sizes and several colours to adapt to your needs.


A high capacity for each size ensures maximum and long-lasting comfort. The Zen Cup has been designed so that each size offers the highest capacity with the minimum dimensions.


S: Dimensions: Ø40mm, height (not including stem): 46mm, total volume: 25ml, capacity (from the base to the air holes): 20ml.

M: Dimensions: Ø45mm, height (not including stem): 51mm, total volume: 35ml, capacity (from the base to the air holes): 29ml. 


A balanced, rounded design, and a "peach skin" texture inside and out ensure you can insert and remove your Zen Cup gently and easily, also allowing you an easy cleaning. 


The non slip ridges along the stem and on the base of the Zen Cup ensures that your fingers don’t slip thanks to a good grip.

The air holes, designed to enable efficient cleaning,  allows an easy removal.

The stem is a single unit, fat, supple and long, to make it easy to hold, providing maximum comfort and adjustable, if required, for your comfort.

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A Zen Cup Relaxing Intimate Gel Cleanser


Because Feminine hygiene is also about the product you are using to wash your intimate area, we have developped a natural cosmetic product.


Because what is important for you is even more important for us, our gel cleanser is free from nasties like paraben, silicone, SLS, chemical conservative and animal product and it hasn't been tested on animals.










For you, we have worked with Mother Nature to elaborate this gentle gel cleanser for the delicate intimate area.


Formulated with chamomile to soothe irritations, blended with lactic acid and vitamin B5 to moisturize, enriched with niaouli and tea tree essential oils used since antiquity for their antibacterial properties to prevent pathogenic microorganisms’ growth, this daily cleansing gel will soothe your skin, leaving you fresh whilst helping maintain a healthy pH-balance.



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A Zen Pack


Because we know that you are busy, we have already prepared starter packs, The Zen Packs to help you with your first purchase.


You will find them available in 4 colours with their fun plastic can cup and pouches matching your mentrual cup colour.


We have also added a practical 50ml Relaxing Gel Cleanser bottle that you can take wherever you go.


With your pack, you have also access to unlimited support to help you with your first uses of the A Zen Cup. Please contact us and we will be happy to call you back to help you!!!!


Don't stress out, we have thought about everything for you so you can focus on more important things...
















Fleurcup is only manufacturing the cup, but is in no way manufacturing or selling the other components of the Zen Pack. 



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