minimum ZEN soft pink
*A soft pink menstrual cup to choose between 2 different sizes: S or M
*A pink flowery pouch to keep your cup safe while you are not using it

minimum ZEN soft pink

  • In your pack, you will get

    *1 Zen Cup:

    It is made 100% out of medical silicone, without phthalates, without bisphenol A, without latex and without perfume. A Zen Cup is hypoallergenic. The colours used are also used in the medical sector.
    We offer you 2 sizes to adapt to your needs.
    A high capacity for each size ensures maximum and long-lasting comfort. We have designed the Zen Cup so that each size offers the highest capacity with the minimum dimensions.

    S: Dimensions: Ø41mm, height (not including stem): 47mm, total volume: 25ml, capacity (from the base to the air holes): 20ml, stem length: 23mm
    M: Dimensions: Ø46mm, height (not including stem): 52mm, total volume: 35ml, capacity (from the base to the air holes): 29ml, stem length: 18mm.
    Check out our blog to see how to use it and which size to choose!!!

    *1 pouch