How to use your A Zen Cup?

July 2, 2014

Now that your have received your Zen Cup, you are probably wondering how the hell you will be able to use it right?




No worries, here you have all you need to start.


First of all, you have to sterilize it before the first use. It is really easy. Just wash your hands and put a pan with water to boil, and when it is boiling, throw your cup inside for 5 minutes. Take it out , let it dry.

Quick tip, I use the other side of a tablespoon to take it out of the water and let it dry.

Then you can keep it safe and clean into its cotton pouch.


You will need to this at least once a month, after your period, when you are not using it. If you wish you can also do it during your period, if you have another Zen Cup, to rotate while you are using the second one.


That was the easy part right?


All right, now come the day of the month that you need to use it. 

Wash your hands and take it off the pouch, fold it, and insert it.

Yes I know easy to say.


There are different ways that you can fold it. I initially started with the push fold, but rapidly came to the U fold also called C fold because it is the way that worked better for me to be sure that once inside, it will unfold properly without having to check with your finger.

For the ones that are already using tampons without applicator, the insertion is quite similar.

You will need to separate the labia, introduce the folded cup inside your vagina towards the direction of the small of your back until the base of your Fleurcup is about one centimetre from the

entry of the vagina.

Once your Fleurcup is inserted, it will unfold by itself.


You can check that the cup is well inserted if you put a finger between your vaginal wall and your cup, all around to be sure that it is unfolded properly.


You may need to cut the stem if it is too long. the ideal is that you don't have to feel it and that all the cup, stem included is inside of your body, not like with tampon where the string is hanging out of your body.

In this case, remove your cup and cut a small length off the stem with a pair of scissors, taking care not to damage the base of your Fleurcup (which would render it useless) until the stem is no longer a problem. Generally speaking, for optimal comfort, the stem should

never go beyond the vagina.





Now you are all set for up to 12 hours.


You will get to know you better and with practice to know how long you can stay before having to empty it.


When you will have to empty it:

Wash your hands carefully, follow the stem to the base of your Fleurcup, pinch the base of your cup and move it from  side to side or slide your index finger between the

vaginal wall and the side of your cup in order to interrupt the suction effect, remove your cup gently, taking care not to spill the contents.


Empty your cup in the sink, rinse thoroughly your cup with cold drinking water, first and then with warm water not forgetting the holes.

If you do not have access to a tap with sink, you can empty it in the toilet and rinse it with a small bottle of water or your Zen can cup filled with water that you may wish to carry with you.

You can now reinsert it.


Any question, don't hesitate to send a message, and we will be happy to help you, via our form or via email:





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