Summer holidays, going to the beach... Why may you think " A Zen Cup"?

August 10, 2014

Summer time is coming and unfortunately according to your calculation your period will be with you during your holidays, don't worry A Zen Cup is here to make it easier....


1) When you start packing, you will be happy to save space and time.

Just your cup to take with you, and no stress to check if you have all the right sizes of tampons and pads for the different days of your period.


2) Once there, you will not have any "lost" days in your activity, because you are waiting for your period, and you are not sure if you can or not do something, because it may come at any moment... When you feel that your period is about to come, just put your cup, unlike to tampons, you can put it before your period has arrived.


3) Who says summer holidays, says heat. With your cup, you will stay fresh and clean all day and all night long, allowing you to wear your favourite clothes during the day, and sleep with light clothes or none at all during the night.


4) Bath in swimming pool or in the beach:

With your cup, you will be able to have a bath keeping your intimate area protected from chlored water or sea water, unlike tampons, as your cup is positionned inside of your body with no part outside.


5) Until 12 hours activity during the day without having to think about your period



All the reason why you should order your cup before your summer holidays!!!!!

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How to take care of your A Zen Cup?

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